ZelArt is a graphical design, creation and development of websites, logotypes, cd-presentations and any kind of advertisement structures.

We use our own-developed web-content managing system that allows any user with no specific knowledge with respect to the Internet technologies to control and edit personal web-content, the Macromedia Flash technology that allows bright and eye-catching effects, the 3D panoramic view technology that lets the user take a full view of a given location, whether it be interior or exterior panorama.

Video effects and 3D production, including architectural, industrial and gaming projects.


Студия ИП Музыченко Д.В.
Phone: +7 (901) 522-98-89
E-mail: info@zelart.ru

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In process
In process
Tsaritsyno museum complex - 4 flash-presentations
This 4 presentations is an interative e-version of old Coronation albums of russian monarches you can see at Historical complex Tsaritsyno expositions.
Video for Roszheldorproject
Для представления нового корпоративного стиля дочернего предпиятия Российских железных дорог, разрабатываемого компанией RTM, создан видеоклип. В озвучке видео принимали участие диджеи известных радиостанций.
Ролик для предприятия ФормаСтрой
Для использования на выставке создан ролик о пятнадцатилетнем опыте и текущих возможностях компании. В озвучке клипа принимали участие диджеи известных радиостанций.
Icons set
Icons set for RAID-software. Client - Exsequi Ltd., UK.
Kvartira.ru flash presentation

Flash presentation about Kvartira.ru innvestment corporation realty projects helpful for lector or for standalone usage. Download demo version.

SuperKarate project logo
Logo creation for one of Russia karate-association.
Coat developer site
Depeche Mode is famous developer of pretty coats in Russia. Created site conforming it.
Site of plastic surgeon
Site about plastic surgeon work. Site was pretty scary but now it warm and comfortable.
Logo and site of travel agency
Simple and useful site powered by our CMS-engine.
Logo and site of dj-agency
Flash-site with CMS. Logo design.
Magazines covers and inner ads
New year pack of polygraphy stuff about Normapack company.
Lecture appearance
Flash technology in science. Comfortable design for lecturer assistance.
In cooperation with Agora-Soft company made flash standalone presentation on CD for Russia Ministry of finances.
Touch-screen interface
In cooperation with Agora-Soft company made touch screen interface and software for terminals installed in Russia Supcourt building.
Red Cap club afterparty
Character and style creation for famous Red Cap club morning party.
Civilization Park presentation
Flash presentation with soundtrack for Civilization Park project.
Creative package for Norma-Pack
Design of logo, site, polygraphy ads for magazines.
TV ad for Zelan
Short video about Zelan network birthday party.
Site design for Zelan v.2
Designing a new site for Zelan Group. Here you can find original version of design.
Video about Supcourt museum of Russian Federation
22 minutes video based on static images from archives, 3D animation, amateur dictor voice and distilled soundtrack. Very quick, very hard. Very impressive.
Graphic and object design (the box form) for ISS company
Design of the box, graphics for books and media of information about ISS-Melkart software.
State Duma of Russian Federation
Presentation on DVD on the occasion of the 100-th Annivessary since establishing of State Duma in Russia.
Logo and site zelan.tv
Logo and site development for iptv-project of Zelan company. Site is available for Zelan network users only.
Adriatic Tour logo
Montenegra property rentals operator logotype.
Forma-Stroy and Schueco CD presentation
Small CD presentation including video, 3D, animation and sound. Smart look at objects developed by FS for Schueco company.
Interface of controlling software
For ISS company made a visual part of controlling system. Very complicated software product placed on several screens. Looking pretty even not for hardware operators.
For Supreme Court of Russian Federation
Created another web site in alliance with Agora-Soft.
Domain is undefined for now.
For Supreme Court of Russian Federation
Created another web site in alliance with Agora-Soft.
Presentation on CD development for STMP-Zelenograd. 3D modelling, video, Flash TV technologies, live voice used during creation. English and deutch versions are in process. Download.
Site design
Site design for Zelenograd realty company.
Development of the site and animated film
International brand of Maletti site creation. Very complicated Flash movie included. Also created an animation-film on DVD for expo (download .avi).
CMS development
Site creation with client drafts. Content managing software development. Flash animanion included.
Flash movie
Flash intro movie for Central Commercial bank.
An vector art piece. First draft and final image.
Site, id, advertising stuff
Cooperation with ISS company. Many handmade and consulting works.
Application skin creation
For XTen-application was created an customized skin.
Site design and flash movies delelopment
Site layouts and flash animation for Radisson SAS Lazurnaya Sochi hotel.
Site and flash movies delelopment
Site for 'Slavyane Ltd.' issued. Another unique design and ambient flash-movies.
3D animation for TV
30 seconds animation CGI clip for TV advertising. Animation made in Maya 3D. The movie repeats flash animation on this page rendered with higher quality.
Site, flash-movie and back-office development
Site development for Zelta company. Stunnind-style design, flash-movie for meditation and content management system for relaxation. Internet shop attached.
Dynamic flash site
An furniture saloon site, developed in Macromedia Flash environment, but fully controlled by user. Design given by client.
Site design
Site layouts development.
Print booklet
40 a4 pages, more than 300 fine-crafted and tuned photos, eye-stopping cover made in Maya 3D. This is the Aquagran 2005 catalog.
Site development for Supcourt of Russian Federation
For Supcourt of Russian Federation made a number of designs and page templates. Full official site will be approximately available at 2005 January. Thanks to AGORA-Soft company for project producing.
Promo site creation for Radisson SAS Lazurnaya
Made within 36 hours. Little wet, but funny and usable. Flash movies, tonns of graphics, dynamic content.
Site design
Design (PSD templates) for Diogenes company.
The bunch
Bunch of flash banners, movies, cards, logos, etc.
Panoramic photos on Flash-engine
The work with Zelenograd administration continues. At this page you'll see first panoramas from session based on ZelArt Flash engine. You can make a 360° look of this nice city. Attention at the picture over table. Classic forever.
Logo creation
Logo development for FRAG Baltic E-Sport portal cybersport magazine. Client wishes - steel, corrosion, blood. Done.
Logo creation
Everybody wants a logo. This one for Navigator. Also done th site templates.
Character and logo creation
Character and logo creation.
Flash site development
Remake of www.frederic-moreno.fr with advanced design and visual effects.
Flash site development
Another offensive remake. Original site - www.camillealbane.fr
Character creation
Valkyria Santechnics. Fantasy-hi-tek drawing style in bathroom theme axis.
Practical Economy logo creation
Logo development for Practical Economy company.
Flash intro
Flash intro for site of PRO-dvig company. All objects includind light effects made in vector editors. Will you feel the charming i wish to insert in movie? Before click turn off the sound on this page.
Development of a web-site of "Forma-stroy" Ltd.
The conception, design of a web-site, creation of logotypes for affiliated companies, a Flash-movie and an interactive Flash-card for the unit "Contacts" with an opportunity of scaling and the mechanism drag'n'drop.
A web-site creation for the prefecture of Zelenograd version 2
It is very pleasant, that again it was necessary to take part in creation of a web-site of prefecture of Zelenograd. This time - not only design, but also the concept, statement of the project managing, development of essentially new web-content managing system, a Flash-movie.
A web-site development for "Lechebnoe pitanie"
Layout design of a web-site, creation of animated Flash-movie and corporate style of the company. At the request of the customer the character has been created. The most complex was to combine a wish of the customer and corporate style of the company, but also it successfully was possible.
Development of a web-site for "Zapadnaja tehnika" Ltd.
Layout design of a web-site , banners set creation. Neutral, business design, Internet-shop and prodact catalogue.
T-shirt images
Creation of the image for a T-shirt of Mobile-review. Agressive corporate totem.
3D version of the character for "Lechebnoe pitanie"
The version of the character for usage in corporate advertising movies, polygraphy, etc.
Creation of intranet-site for "YUKOS" company
For "YUKOS" company has been developed the interface of a control system by knowledge. It is internal site-library, a site - database of experience of employees of the company. To look a functioning site, it is necessary to become the employee of YUKOS.
Animation movie
This movie is the winner of the tender in Belgium on development of a series of animation films for V-Core company. In films the equipment for processing (chemical restoration) metal will be considered.
3D movie for V-core company
One of a series of animation movies for CD-presentation of the equipment. This movies made by Maya 3D, thanking Flash, are not similar to usual video: at prompting the cursor on object, you can receive his detailed description and to consider closer.
Character creation
Some characters created for different clients. All of them were created in vector and 3D editors and can be reproduced in any scale: from a business card up to a billbord, from a site up to a cartoon film.
Layout design for Preluna-hotel
For Preluna-hotel in Malta has been developed the interface of a site.
Creation of a Flash-movie for Preluna-hotel
Movie for a web-site of Preluna-hotel
Development of a web-site for FeelGoodFitness
Сайт, представляющий фитнес-центр на Мальте. Создание интерфейса и флэш-ролика.
Development of a web-site for Gazprom-Morozovka
The “pearl” of the Moscow Region – “Morozovka” Resort (Gazprom company`s subsidiary) during many years was used for reception of chapters of the governments of the foreign states. Orientation to a baroque style is traced on all site.
Development of a web-site of MJK-Zelenograd
MJK-Zelenograd is one of the elite district of Moscow. A web-site was made with the Macromedia Flash technology.
Creation of a web-site of Europeum company
Development of a web-site of the company engaged in delivery of safes and the other bank equipment. A web-site is made with the Macromedia Flash technology.
Development of a web-site of Montenegro
Development of a web-site under the order of representation of Montenegro in Russia. The most part of a site has descriptive character, but interests of tour operators and industrialists, also, are submitted.
Development of a web-site for "Charus" company"
Development of a web-site of "Charus" company representing "Geberit" company in Russia - the world leader in the field of sanitary development . A web-site is made by using the Macromedia Flash technology.
Development of the trade mark, logo and web-site of "Aquatek"
"Aquatek" company is the branch of " Charus" company engaged in retail sanitary technicians. A web-site is made with the Macromedia Flash technology.
Design of booklet A4 for "Aquqtek" company
In addition to a site, the booklet of А4 format has been developed.
Development of a Flash-site for Jacques Dessange Moscou
Again Jacques Dessange and again Macromedia Flash. Now - more technologically, with an opportunity of web-content managing.
Intro for movie
Animation movie for herontology clinic on Barbados. Some invaluable seconds :-).
Creation of a web-site for Compus Graphics v.2
The second version of a site more simple, but is still exclusive.
Development of a web-site for Compus Graphics v.1
The first version of a web-site for Compus Graphics. Logo creation.
Magazine ads
Polygraphy for Compus Graphics in magazines PC Magazine, CompuArt, Designer, LAN and others. Polygraphy in the size from A6 up to A3.
CD-presentation for Compus Graphics.
The compact disc representing Compus Graphics is executed in corporate style of the company. In essence, it represents an offline-site.
A Flash-site for "Astra-landshaft"
Minimum of the information, maximum of impression. The site is completely created by using Macromedia Flash technology. Development of a logo is included.
Logo creation for "Modus Mebel"
Creation of a logo and polygraphy.
Development of a web-site of "Multitronics"
Specially for Multitronics site the 3D character has been created. The character rather strongly shocked the customer by its "lightness" and works have been suspended. Within several days the customer reflected, and, finally, has solved, that lightness him to the person.
Support of Multitronics
Creation of a 3D character for Multitronics, package art, etc.
Development of a logo & a web-site of "Zelan" Ltd. v.1
Creation of a logo, charcaters and a web-site.
Development of a web-site for Gostaudit company
Layout design, creation of 3D object (sundial), revision of logo.
A web-site development for Miraudit
Layout design, creation of logo.
Creation of a web-site of the prefecture of Zelenograd v.1
The won tender on creation of a site for prefecture of Zelenograd.
Development of a web-site of urology clinic
A web-site creation for urology clinic. CMS ZelArt Engine v.1.
A web-site development for "Aktion"
Creation of a web-site and the first version of web-content managing system for Aktion company.
A web-site development for Novoplast company
Development of a web-site and a Flash-movie for "Novoplast" company, that produses products from polyethylene.
Development of a web-site for Avtoconcept.ru
Creation of several versions of a site and Flash-prompts for "Avtoconcept".
Development of a web-site for Jacques Dessange v.2002
The first version of a web-site www.jacques-dessange.ru.
Layout design for Gvarda company
Screenshot of the work which are not available any more.
Layout design of TeamCyberSport
Site development for the international TeamCyberSport.
Development of CD-presentation for exhibition InternetComm-2001, made by usind Flash 4, includes a sound, videoinserts & panoramic photos.
Layout design for Zero-D company
Screenshot of the work which are not available now. The British company producing RAID-disks and the software to them.
Layout design of Griggio Woodworking
Screenshot of the work which are not available now. The Italian company making woodworking equipment.
Flash experiments
One of early experiments. 3D, Flash ans sound in one box.
Where the usual information presentation techniques are sometimes not enough we take advantage of CD-presentations that allows effective presentation of a company, a product, a service or even a product manual. CDs can be standard or credit card size and can carry any type of data: video, standard and panoramic images, sound clips and 3D-modelled objects.
Virtual tours
If you are looking to present an interior or an outside view, have a look at the 3D panoramic view technology. This specifically built technology allows you to create an astonishing illusion of presence. You may freely rotate throughout 360 degrees of the view and with modern technologies you can at the same time enjoy additional visual and sound effects such as tweeting of birds, sound of splashing waves or alternating lighting. Let's see
The most showy and effective means for attraction of attention to a site - to a brand - to the goods - service. Means of the Macromedia Flash allows you to give WebPages effects comparable to effects of video. Force your competitors out!